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Online, Live Streaming Television and Video On Demand

Whatever your interests are – new release films (Sunday Night At the Movies), people and businesses in Toowoomba (On the Spot), music history, events and shows (My Music), horse racing (In the Saddle), or live sport and sports shows (TRL Footy Show, Cricket, Netball), Power TV Australia has you covered through our online television Toowoomba. Power TV Australia also provides: Online television Toowoomba live streams of local events and sports fixtures. Major live-streamed events include the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers, The Toowoomba Christmas Wonderland of Lights and the Mothers’ Day Classic. Many of our live streamed events are done as a simulcast with our radio partner, Power FM. We also live stream many sports events such as the National Inter school Equestrian Championships, Indoor Cricket and Indoor Netball as online television broadcasts.
Our Mission is to provide a real alternative to traditional television that will help promote local Toowoomba Businesses and give them an opportunity to advertise on n international platform at prices they can afford.
Watch our online television shows live as we stream them or catch up with past shows at any time in our Video On Demand. If you’re a movie buff, register on our subscription movie channel (Power Flicks) and watch exclusive movies and films whenever you want.  Power TV Australia is live streaming television, available anywhere, any time on any device.